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Laboratory services / Análisis de Laboratorio

  1. Biogeochemistry of continental, coastal and marine ecosystems.
  2. Water quality for human use and consumption.

Investigación / Research

  1. Community ecology in coastal ecosystems.
  2. Limnology studies and monitoring.
  3. Mangrove ecology, restauration and conservation.
  4. Sea grasses ecology, restauration and conservation.
  5. Lagoon-Estuarine ecology and management.
  6. Blue Carbon studies
  7. Oceanographic studies and monitoring.
  8. Coral reef ecology and conservation
  9. Climate change impact and adaptation.
  10. Green economy
  11. Marine protected areas management.
  12. Fisheries in coastal ecosystems.

Consultorías / Consultancy

  1. Environmental impact assessments in coastal and marine ecosystems.
  2. Design, implementation, and evaluation of  research projects in coastal and marine ecosystems.

About us

Our research centers on our expertise in field monitoring in the catchment, estuarine, oceanographic environments including countering major coastal challenges, climate-related impacts throughout the Caribbean region.

Our work sees the integration from basins to coastal ecosystems through sustainable management.

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Marine ecosystems characterization

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Presence of microplastic in comercial fish at Golfo de Fonseca Marine National Park

Golfo de Fonseca Water Quality Index  (TRIX)

Primary production in Los Micos Coastal Lagoon, Caribbean Coast

Mangrove restoration 

Blue Carbon Economy

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